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Would You Like to Be an Island Owner?

Join the Exclusive Beer Can Island Owners Club: invest from $635 in a slice of paradise that has a tremendous tourism potential.

If $635 was the only cost of becoming a co-owner of a private island with a beautiful white sand beach and lush greenery that is also a very popular boating destination, and that is improving and attracting more and more visitors every month… would you take it?

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—one that you’re actually close to, being already a member of Pine Key Tampa Bay, AKA Beer Can Island. You already know how spectacular the island is, and the effort we’ve been undertaking to make the Beer Can Island increasingly better, more comfortable, more fun, safer, and even more attractive to members and visitors.

In short, Beer Can Island is about to take off—and, in uncertain times in which no place seems good enough to park your savings, your portfolio would definitely not want to miss this!

And we have now opened an investment opportunity that is exclusively available for our existing members: and that any member can join at only $6.35 per share with a minimum of 100 shares.

Want to be the proud co-owner of Florida’s up-and-coming island star that E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E will want to hang out and have fun at?


So much value already added, so much more room to grow

If you’ve been to the island recently, you know that we’ve made several improvements to the property that have added tremendous value to the island as an irresistible proposition as a beachside playground for people of all ages:

  • A new Tiki Bar featuring live DJs and dance parties
  • Tiki Umbrellas to further improve the comfort of visitors
  • Lime Rock on the South side of the island

We’ve also been doubling down on accomplished efforts to bring more members and visitors, creating more awareness about what Pine Key Tampa Bay offers, and increasing sales of membership plans, experiences, and products.

And now we are raising capital and offering this investment opportunity exclusively to you and other members so that we can add, over the next 1 to 3 years:

  • Additional amenities and property improvements
  • A new line of Beer Can Island beers, rum, vodka and tequila
  • Website improvements, boosted merchandise sales, and new products to create additional revenue
  • A dock with 11 slip—we have already submitted the permits
  • A ferry boat that makes regular trips to the island, further facilitating the access of members and visitors
  • An additional northside Tiki Bar with an event stage—to organize different simultaneous parties
  • Proper flush restrooms for greater comfort and convenient—say goodbye to porta potties
  • Brush clearing from the interior of the island to create official campsites, pavilions, and other recreation areas
  • Bungalows for overnight stays
  • Landscaping, palms, native trees, and an edible forest with papaya, banana, pineapple, and other fruits that can be used in food served and in cocktails
  • Reclaiming lost sand on the south and west sides of the island, plus installing additional lime rock or a living shoreline to prevent further erosion
  • Additional solar and wind equipment to power the island


In fact, we’re getting ready to restore the island’s original size and reclaim significant land: namely 9 acres of upland and up to 60 acres of submerged land that have been recently surveyed. 

Sure, we are still in the process of working with the county to get the property zoned under the (IR) Island Recreational framework or similar designation, which will allow us to install permanent structures and continue operating as we have for the past 6+ years—but with renewed strength and expanded horizons under this freshened vision for the future.


And yes, the zoning process is expensive and will take at least 2 to 3 more years to complete, but it is part of the project we’re now starting to execute to take Pine Key Tampa Bay to its maximum splendor and potential—and you can be a decisive part of it… and eventually reap the reward of the decision you can make today in one simple click!


After all, the decision that you make today or deciding to co-own a revenue-producing island could eventually be handsomely rewarded in the future!


We’ve already raised $1.2MM+, but there’s still room for you.

That’s right: over $1.2 million have already been raised by existing owners, and the results are tangible and highly encouraging: as of June 11th 2023, we have 4170 registered Beer Can Island members… and they’re growing by the day!

We’re currently seeking to raise $500k+ in this exclusive private equity offering, pricing each share at $6.35, requiring investing members to claim at least 100 shares for $635. Each share is also known as a “Membership Unit” Class B – Non-Voting.

We’re placing a maximum number of shares of 1,000,000 that are now being offered—if you don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity, you should rush to secure your co-ownership of Pine Key Tampa Bay before this funding round closes.


Take a look at the investment tiers and packages we have available for you.

Tier 1 – 100 shares – $635

  • BCI trucker hat
  • BCI boat/car sticker
  • BCI Boat flag
  • 20% off food and beverage
  • Ownership certificate

Tier 2 – 200 shares – $1270

  • 2 BCI trucker hats
  • BCI boat/car sticker
  • BCI Boat flag
  • 20% off food and beverage
  • 2 BCI Pint glasses
  • Ownership certificate

Tier 3 – 400 shares – $2540

  • 3 BCI trucker hats
  • BCI boat/car sticker
  • BCI Boat flag
  • 20% off food and beverage
  • 3 BCI Pint glasses
  • BCI – Founders Club “Lifetime status”
  • Ownership certificate

Tier 4 – 800 shares – $5080+

  • 4 BCI trucker hats
  • BCI boat/car sticker
  • BCI Boat flag
  • 20% off food and beverage
  • 4 BCI Pint glasses
  • BCI – Founders Club “Lifetime status”
  • Ownership certificate

If you’re considering making an investment of over $5000, please contact us directly at


Please keep in mind that:

  • Investments can easily be made through our online portal with or via cash, check and wire transfer.
  • All investments come with a $39 annual maintenance fee to cover the cost of our accountant so that we can send you a yearly K1 – 1099 Tax Form.
  • If you are purchasing shares through our JoinIt page, please follow these steps:
    • Use the same email address and log out as a Member
    • Sign up for one of the available Owner Packages
    • Cancel your original membership: the Owner Package will supersede it
  • If you’d like to purchase shares via cash, check or wire transfer, please contact us to make arrangements

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with a “Share Sale Agreement” that you must sign, after which you will receive an Owners Certificate, presented as an “LLC Membership Certificate”. You will also receive new membership cards via postal mail along with your merchandise package.

Remember, investing carries uncertainty and risks.

While we are very optimistic about this opportunity and extremely committed to turning Beer Can Island into a highly successful playground for families who want to have beachside fun, it is important to state that, just like any other investing proposition, this investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Our management team is only one email or phone call away.

You can send any questions you have to Russell Loomis, our Founder and VP, at

or by calling or texting 727-254-9153.

You can also use the same contact details to reach out to Coleman Weaver, our CEO and President, James West, our Event Coordinator, or Johnny Gadd, our Public Relations Officer.

We’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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