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OCT 17, 2022
Last call for the former Beer Can Island?

For the second time, Hillsborough commissioners balk at a land use change for the private island. Read More

DEC 21, 2020
Hillsborough County tells Beer Can Island to shut down the party

Beer Can Island exists within a loophole because it lacks a zoning designation of any kind. Read More

AUG 03, 2019
Barefoot Sailing Adventures – Ep. 55, Bikinis and Beer 🌴 BCI Tampa

Part 7 of a series: Sailing Tampa Bay to Key West. Beer Can Island Tampa is a world class party island. The tiki bar is filled with women in thong bikinis celebrating

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JUL 05, 2019
Andy Pursell – Livin’ In The Salt Life (Official Music Video)

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JUN 30, 2019
Beer Can Island Overcomes Its Biggest Wave — Code Enforcement

Bay News 9 – HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Pine Key, better known as Beer Can Island, will now see brighter days. Read More

JUN 28, 2019
The party continues on Beer Can Island as Hillsborough acknowledges its hands are tied

Tampa bay Times  — Russell Loomis is throwing a victory party.

“All weekend,” he said. And he has just the place for it. Read More

FEB 22, 2019
Beer Can Island: A Boater’s Oasis in Tampa Bay

Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, Beer Can Island provides an oasis for Florida boaters. The island features a full sized tiki bar, sand volleyball court, campground, event stage and so much more. Watch Now

JAN 02, 2019
County Deems Structures on Beer Can Island Unsafe

TAMPA, Fla. — The start of 2019 is going to be rough for the owners of Pine Key in Tampa — better known as Beer Can Island. Read More

DEC 07, 2018
‘Beer Can Island’ owners hope to reach deal with Code Enforcement

TAMPA, Fla. (FOX 13) – Pine Key is an 11-acre island with no running water or electricity. Most people know the Hillsborough County boating destination as ‘Beer Can Island.’ Read More

DEC 6, 2018
Hillsborough County says changes at Beer Can Island violate code

The party might be over at Pine Key, the popular boating and camping destination better known by locals as Beer Can Island. It was a year ago that four friends purchased the island located between Apollo Beach and MacDill Air Force Base. Read More

NOV 10, 2018
Owners of Beer Can Island to turn party spot into community attraction

TAMPA BAY (FOX 13) – Beer Can Island is nestled right in the heart of Tampa Bay and its new owners have big plans for the land’s future. Cole Weaver and his three friends bought Beer Can Island last December as a place to store their large 74-foot-long floating tiki barge. But since the purchase, they’ve re-imagined the Island and now have big plans for its future. Read More

NOV 09, 2018
One year later, owners bringing order to the party on Beer Can Island

TAMPA — Weeks after four friends finalized a deal to buy 11-acre Pine Key, known by locals as Beer Can Island, a boater approached them on shore. Read More

OCT 22, 2018
‘Beer Can Island’ gets a musical tribute

TAMPA (FOX 13) – An island famous to generations of Tampa Bay boaters now has its own song. Twenty-two-year-old singer and songwriter Matt Billor wrote “Beer Can Island,” named for the 11-acre island that now boasts a floating tiki bar. Read More

APR 13, 2018
Fees coming to Beer Can Island

WFLA News Channel 8 – They begin in July. Watch Now

APR 09, 2018
Toilets and camping fees coming to Beer Can Island

TAMPA — When four friends bought the popular Tampa area boating destination known as Beer Can Island in December and decided to keep it open to the public, they knew ownership would not be all fun and games.  Read More

APR 09, 2018
Beer Can Island’s new owners explain proposed fees

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Officially it’s called Pine Key, but locals know it as Beer Can Island. Late last year, when the island was purchased for $63,000, the new owners promised that it would remain “the People’s Island.” Read More

FEB 21, 2018
Come sail away: Tiki Bay Island isn’t your average bar, or boat ride

Creative Loafing – Tiki Bay Island isn’t your average bar, or boat ride. Originally launched in October 2017, it’s a floating watering hole in the middle of the bay on which guests can sip their favorite cocktails, beer or wine surrounded by water. Read More

Jan 29, 2018
Meet the man behind the headstone on Beer Can Island

Tampa Bay Times – Last summer, a wooden marker was quietly installed in the center of Pine Key in Tampa Bay. It was shaped like a cross, but its inscription was irreverently reverent. Read More

January 19, 2018
Carefree but hardworking, partner in Beer Can Island just wants to hang out

APOLLO BEACH — Even on a foggy Wednesday morning, the newest addition to seven-acre Pine Key — better known as Beer Can Island — rises from the mist along the mainland shore of the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve.  Read More

JAN 09, 2018
Big changes could be on the way for Tampa Bay’s Beer Can Island

TAMPA (FOX 13) – Pine Key, better known to locals as Beer Can Island, could be in store for some big changes. A group of local business partners have purchased the land with the hopes of making improvements, including adding their floating bar. Read More

January 8, 2018
Floating Tiki Bar owners purchase Beer Can Island

Owners of the floating tiki boat were forced to search for a new location after losing their St. Pete docking spot. They approached the owner of the popular boating hangout Beer Can Island, who agreed to sell his undeveloped island for just under $64,000 Read More

January 7, 2018
Tampa Bay Times – Owners of floating bar needed home port, so they bought popular ‘Beer Can Island’ off Apollo Beach

Four partners in a tennis court-sized floating bar called Tiki Bay Island went looking for some waterfront property where they could anchor the portable business.

They ended up with a whole island, for what some might consider a bargain price — $63,650. Read More

Oct 10, 2017
Tiki bar battle in the Tampa Bay area, owners claim the other bar owners are trying to shut them dow

WFLA News Channel 8 –A battle between two waterfront bars is brewing in the Tampa Bay area Watch Now

May 14, 2016
Random video… Before we bought the island

Video Tour of Apollo Beach and Pine Key (more affectionately called “Beer Can Island) by Air and Sea. Check out how many MANATEE are in the aerial views!

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